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Yang Jia Automobile
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Yang Jia Automobile
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Tanker business department
Address: Boxing Industrial Park, Liangshan County, Shandong Province

Tel: 0537-7760099 Fax: 0537-7601199

Special Vehicle Business Department

Phone/fax: 0537-7766063

Semi-trailer business department

Tel: 0537-7768588 Fax: 0537-7766065

Zip code: 272613

E-mail: lsyjjt@163.com


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Company Logo

Company Logo


Against the background of the rising sun, it indicates that the company is like a rising sun, full of vigor and vitality.

The “handshake” in front of the background symbolizes the English capital letter “Y”, which is the initial letter of “Yang Jia”. company culture

The “handshake” logo symbolizes profound meaning and represents cooperation, friendship, communication, blessing, etc., and profoundly expresses the development concept of “Yangjia” company's cooperation and win-win situation.