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Brand "leading" Yang Jia Automobile Development

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    On January 13th, Shandong Yangjia Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was awarded the “Brand Creation Demonstration Enterprise” at the annual meeting of Liangshan County Special Automobile Industry Association. This is the company that has won this award for three consecutive years.



    Over the years, the company has always regarded brand creation as the top priority of its development. At the beginning of its establishment, it began to cultivate its brand. Over the years, we have adhered to the product differentiation innovation and brand culture innovation, and infiltrated the corporate culture into brand building. The promotion of the "Yang Jia" branding strategy in all aspects has achieved remarkable results. In 2009, “Yangjia” brand low-panel semi-trailer was awarded “Shandong Famous Brand” product. In 2015, “Yangjia Hetu” was awarded “Shandong Famous Brand” and in 2017 was awarded “China Famous Brand”. It further enriched the brand culture connotation and injected new vitality into the enterprise brand building.

    In the course of development, the company takes science and technology as the first priority, continuously accelerates the pace of technological innovation, actively strengthens the cooperation of industry, academia and research, and continuously enhances the technical gold content of the special car of Yang Jia. At the same time, we constantly improve the service system that is compatible with high-quality brands. With a sound marketing network and meticulous market planning, we provide our customers with value-for-money products and the best service. We gain the trust of the market and customers, and our market share continues to expand. The brand image of “Yangjia” continues to improve.


    With more than 20 years of development, the process of brand creation is also the process of Yangjia Automobile's rapid advancement of technology, full development of the market, and continuous development. The company's advanced management concepts and management measures have injected infinite vitality and vitality into the development of Yangjia Automobile, and become the inexhaustible driving force and source of the company's continuous development. Yangjia Company will win the title of “Brand Creation Demonstration Enterprise” and vigorously promote brand strategic management, making “Yangjia” brand special vehicle become the leading brand in the industry.