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Under the background of the rising sun, this shows that the company is like a rising sun, full of vitality and vitality
The "handshake" in front of the background symbolizes the English capital letter "Y", which is the initial letter of "Yang Jia"
The sign of "handshake" has far-reaching implications, represents cooperation, friendship, communication and blessing, and deeply expresses the development concept of win-win cooperation of "Yangjia" company.

Culture Outline

Entrepreneurship: a first-class enterprise, build hundreds of brands and be determined to benefit the society
Quality concept: reform and innovation, pursue quality, implement management and improve efficiency
Talents: attract talents, cultivate excellent talents and improve team strength
Production concept: quality is the infrastructure of safety, and safety is the premise of production
Service concept: customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit.


Honesty: innovation is the soul; Excellence, casting quality model. Philosophy
Honesty and trustworthiness: Kar's development is fundamental and the basic principle of Kar people
Technological innovation: Kar is the banner of leading forward and the inexhaustible driving force to promote Kar's development
Excellence: with an insatiable work attitude and a rigorous and meticulous work style, Yang Jiacheng, who drives the automobile industry, is a dedicated leader

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Tanker business department

Address: Boxing Industrial Park, Liangshan County, Shandong Province

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Semi-trailer business department

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