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The 17th China (Liangshan) special purpose vehicle exhib...


The 17th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Auto Exhibition") of "innovation, creation and brand creation" for three days was successfully held. More>>

Yang Jia automobile celebrates the 100th anniversary of ...


On the party building day: Mao Zedong proposed July 1 as the birthday of the party in May 1938. In "on protracted war", he put forward: "July 1 this year is the 17th anniversary of the founding of the... More>>

Yang Jia automobile of Changsha International Constructi...


On May 22, the four-day 2021 Changsha international construction machinery exhibition ended. A total of 1450 enterprises participated in the exhibition, and more than 300000 visitors gathered in Chang... More>>

Build an excellent team and forge Yangjia brand


In order to thank the employees for their hard work over the past few months, the company organized a team building activity for Qufu tour More>>

Procurement project of office management platform of Sha...


Our company's office management platform procurement project inquiry team conducted strict and detailed review on the electronic response documents submitted by each supplier More>>

Yang Jia automobile congratulates China (Liangshan) on t...


On the morning of September 17, the 15th China (Liangshan) special purpose vehicle exhibition was grandly opened in Shandong Liangshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Several new model... More>>

Yangjia group celebrates the 98th anniversary of the fou...


In order to celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Shandong Yangjia Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. More>>

Statement on engaging in marketing activities in the nam...


Remind organizations and individuals who conduct business activities in the name of our company, please stop the infringement immediately More>>

Yangjia automobile wishes the world a happy mother'...


On the occasion of mother's day, Yang Jia automobile wishes all mothers around the world a happy mother's Day! More>>

County Magistrate Ma and his party came to Yang Jia for ...


On the morning of May 9, Ma Tao, deputy county magistrate, led more than 10 leaders of the county economic and Information Bureau More>>

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