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The 17th China (Liangshan) special purpose vehicle exhibition was successfully held

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Reading Guide:The 17th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Auto Exhibition") of "innovation, creation and brand creation" for three days was successfully held.

The 17th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Auto Exhibition") of "innovation, creation and brand creation" for three days was successfully held. Before September 17, all special vehicle manufacturers and special vehicle parts manufacturers have successively entered the site. On September 17, the auto exhibition was grandly opened, and the scene was very spectacular.

Highlights of the exhibition

As a powerful local enterprise, Shandong Yangjia Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has also prepared powder tank transporters, low flat special transporters, dump semi trailers and other major models for the exhibition.

▼ introduction to features of some featured product series:

Ⅰ. Low flat semi-trailer series produced by Yangjia automobile

The series includes standard type and axis type, non-hydraulic and hydraulic, 2 ~ 8 axes and above. It is usually used to transport large and non detachable goods, such as engineering machinery, mining machinery, piling machinery, forestry machinery, hydropower machinery and other goods. Among them, the hydraulic detachable low flat semi-trailer series realizes the separation of gooseneck and pallet through hydraulic pressure, so that the transported equipment can be loaded and unloaded from the front end of pallet. After loading and unloading, gooseneck and trailer return to the original transportation state, which can further improve the stability and safety of cargo loading and unloading.

The hydraulic detachable low flat semi-trailer produced by Yangjia automobile has the following characteristics: (1) convenient loading and wide application range; (2) Strong bearing capacity; (3) Scalability; (4) The center of gravity is low (300 ~ 400 mm lower than the pallet of normal flat vehicle), and the stability is good; (5) Good passing performance (the bearing surface of the pallet can be adjusted from the ground by hydraulic device as required); (6) Convenient maintenance; (7) The axle load is evenly distributed and the braking performance is excellent.

Ⅱ. Aluminum alloy powder material semi-trailer

Aluminum alloy powder material semi-trailer, one of the leading products launched by Yangjia automobile in recent years, is very popular in the market and has five characteristics: (1) high bearing capacity (the longitudinal beam adopts T-beam, and the bearing capacity can be increased by 3 ~ 5 times). (2) High economy (plates conforming to the European standard are adopted, with a light weight of 1.5 T; at the same time, the service life is long, generally 15 ~ 20 years, while the service life of steel tank is only 7 ~ 9 years, and the residual value is about 30000 yuan higher than that of steel tank truck after expiration). (3) Ash striking is fast (the aluminum alloy surface is smooth, and the unloading time is 5 ~ 10min faster than that of ordinary powder tank truck; the remaining amount is 100 kg less, close to "zero residue". At the same time, modular air supply pipeline + streamlined discharge system + gold fluidization angle & gt; 15 °, ash striking is 10 min faster than that of peers). (4) Double safety (low center of gravity design; the tank body adopts MIG / TIG welding technology and one-time forming; multiple anti explosion technology is adopted in the tank; double safety air valves are adopted); (5) One tank for multiple purposes (applicable to the transportation of bulk cement, fly ash, calcium powder and other media).

Ⅲ. Intelligent tank car

In recent years, Yangjia automobile has developed an intelligent tank transport vehicle according to the new characteristics of market demand. Its "intelligence" is mainly reflected in: the power unit, tank pressure and discharge flow can realize the intelligent control operation of the cab, and can be monitored in all directions in real time, so as to make the use of the whole vehicle safer, convenient, energy-saving and environmental protection. At the same time, the car also has the following characteristics: (1) fast unloading speed (reasonable design of fluidized bed, perfect matching of air compressor and tank, advanced pipeline system design, compact structure, low resistance, fast unloading speed, ≥ 1.2 T / min); (2) Low residual rate (Advanced fluidization tube structure is adopted inside the tank, single bin or double bin horizontal design, reasonable fluidization angle, large internal chute angle, ensuring special performance, improving effective volume, fast unloading and residual rate & lt; 0.3%); (3) Light servicing weight (high-quality and high-strength steel is used).

& nbsp; & nbsp; On the afternoon of the 17th, "the signing ceremony of the 17th China (Liangshan) special purpose vehicle exhibition and Jining industry university research docking and scientific and technological achievements promotion conference" was carried out smoothly under the attention of Jia Zhifu, Secretary of the county Party committee and county government. Shandong Yangjia Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with Jinan University for semi-trailer intelligent design system.

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