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LHL9370TDP type low flatbed semi-trailer

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The height of the loading surface of the cargo platform from the ground is 850mm, 980mm. It is only used for transporting non-dismantling objects.

LHL9370TDP type low Flatd semi-trailer
Vehicle Name: Low flatd semi-trailer
Vehicle Category: semi-trailer
Vehicle Model: LHL9370TDP
Exemption: no
Fuel: no
Exemption: no
Environmental: no
Announcement Batch: t2(292) Catalog numr: (15)61
Chinese brand: Yang Jia brand Manufacturer: Shandong Yangjia Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Engine Model:
Engine Power:
Engine displacement:
Engine Manufacturer:
Engine logo:
Fuel Type:
Dimensions (L/W/H): 12990, 12500×3000×3100, 2900, 1750 Cargo compartment (L/W/H): ××
Total mass (Kg): 37000 Load Quality: 0
Curb weight (Kg): 7500,7000 Rated mass (Kg): 29500, 30000
Trailer mass (Kg):
Semi-hanging saddle (Kg): 16000
Rated passenger (person):
Front passenger (person):
Cab (person):
Anti-lock braking system: have
Approach/Departure: -/30 Front/Rear (mm): -/1050
Wheelbase (mm): 8600+1170+1170 Axle load: -/21000 (three-axis group)
Numr of axes: 3 Maximum speed (km/h):
Fuel consumption:
Numr of springs: -/4/4/4,-/8/8/8,-/10/10/10
Numr of tires: 12 Tire size: 8.25R20 14PR, 235/75R17.5 16PR
Front Track: - Rear Track: 2330/2330/2330, 2250/2250/2250, 2180/2180/2180
fore braking:
After braking:
fore the exercise:
After the exercise:
Steering form:
Start method:
Drive Type:
By criteria:
Publish Date: 20170122 Product numr: ZL5KZ5CR04Z
Identify the business: Changzhou Huarisheng Reflective Material Co., Ltd.
Chassis according to standard:
Identification code vin: LML940D3×××××××××
Other: The height of the loading surface of the cargo platform from the ground is 850mm, 980mm. It is only used for transporting non-dismantling objects. The ladder for this model is an optional part, and the total height is 1750mm without a ladder. The rear spring-assisted ladder is optional: single Spring, double spring. Body reflective signs have en installed on the side and rear. Rear structure ground clearance: 500mm. ABS system model: HNABS4S/4M, ABS system manufacturer: Liangshan Haina Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. Optional hydraulic Climbing ladder and tail style; optional slope style, rounded style, right angle style on the back and upper part of the gooseneck; optional half-section small platform on both sides of the gooseneck, whole small platform, and small platform frame type, floor-laying type; optional lower gooseneck The platform is extended and has no outriggers, and the whole body lower arc, half-section lower arc and no lower arc are optional tween the longitudinal ams; the wooden floor is optional; the cargo platform can choose the straight style and the middle part concave style; optional exposed tires and non-exposed tires; frame type and floor type are optional for the tire platform; the above options and styles can selected at will.
Annual production capacity of 10,000 trailers and special vehicles
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