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LHL9401CCY type warehouse grid transport semi-trailer

Detailed introduction
LHL9401CCY type warehouse Grid Transport Semi-trailer
Vehicle Name: Warehouse grid transport semi-trailer
Vehicle Category: Warehouse grid transport semi-trailer
Vehicle Model: LHL9401CCY
Exemption: no
Fuel: no
Exemption: no
Environmental: no
Announcement Batch: 2001t6(296) Catalog numr:
Chinese brand: Yang Jia brand Manufacturer: Shandong Yangjia Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Engine Model:
Engine Power:
Engine displacement:
Engine Manufacturer:
Engine logo:
Fuel Type:
Dimensions (L/W/H): 13000, 12500×2500, 2550×3385, 3585, 3785, 3985 Cargo compartment (L/W/H): 12800, 12300×2400, 2350, 2320, 2460×600
Total mass (Kg): 40000 Load Quality:
Curb weight (Kg):


Rated mass (Kg): 33400, 33700, 33080
Trailer mass (Kg):
Semi-hanging saddle (Kg): 16000
Rated passenger (person):
Front passenger (person):
Cab (person):
Anti-lock braking system:
Approach/Departure: 16,14 Front/Rear (mm): -/2220,-/2320
Wheelbase (mm): 6760+1310+1310,6260+1310+1310 Axle load: -/24000(Three axis group)
Numr of axes: 3 Maximum speed (km/h):
Fuel consumption:
Numr of springs: -/4/4/4,-/8/8/8,-/10/10/10
Numr of tires: 12 Tire size: 11.00R20 12PR, 12R22.5 12PR, 11R22.5 12PR
Front Track: - Rear Track: 1840/1840/1840
fore braking:
After braking:
fore the exercise:
After the exercise:
Steering form:
Start method:
Drive Type:
By criteria:
Publish Date:
Product numr:
Identify the business:
Chassis according to standard:
Identification code vin: LML940C3×××××××××
Other: When the heights from the bottom of the car to the top of the warehouse grid are 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm and 2400mm, the corresponding dimensions (heights) are: 3385mm, 3585mm, 3785mm, 3985mm. Reflective signs are pasted on both sides and rear of the car, and the whole vehicle is optional Various warehouse grid styles are one-story warehouse grid, two-layer warehouse grid, three-layer warehouse grid, side door lock lever, side door half lock lever, invisible lock lever warehouse grid style, side door closed on the rear fence, tarpaulin Frame, small ladder; optional rear door lock lever closed style, side door lock lever flower rail style, split semi-closed rear door, split fully enclosed style is horizontal tile

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